The Irish Decorative and Fine Arts Society (IDFAS) is an independent society of like-minded persons dedicated to conservation and education in the area of decorative and fine arts in Ireland. It aims to engage a broad spectrum of members through facilitating programmes of lectures and conservation projects. Ireland has a rich tradition of fine and decorative arts that we wish to celebrate and preserve for future generations. IDFAS further aims to act as both a bridge and conduit between its members and academia. The society actively encourages involvement at all levels of experience. You are invited to participate in an informative and engaging journey.


The society was founded in Dublin in 2012 by a small group of people dedicated to the creation of an all-inclusive grassroots arts movement, and they are currently setting up regional societies in Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny and Templemore. These societies will host a series of arts-related lectures drawn from an IDFAS pool of peer-reviewed authoritative speakers of national and international standing. In addition, IDFAS members will have the opportunity to volunteer in a hands-on capacity on exciting heritage projects that will be led by professional conservators. Members will be invited to join field trips to heritage institutions. A guiding principle of IDFAS is volunteerism.