Archive: From Canton to Carton: Chinese wallpapers in eighteenth-century Ireland

Date: Wednesday 12th February 2014 6:30 PM
Venue: George’s Hall, Dublin Castle
Lecturer: David Skinner

From the early days of exploration, the Orient has had a major influence on fashion and interiors. Chinoiserie is a recurring theme in European design since the 17th century, when oriental silks, porcelain and lacquer began to be avidly collected and became a major influence on European manufacturers. Among trade goods imported from China by the East India Companies were sets of sumptuously painted wallpaper, superb examples of Chinese artistry and a fascinating record of life in the Qing dynasty. Linking with the Dublin City Council’s Dublin Chinese New Year Festival, this illustrated lecture by David Skinner, specialist in wallpaper conservation and reproduction, explores the history and use of imported Chinese wallpapers in Georgian Ireland, illustrated with many images of those which still adorn the walls of Irish houses.

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