Heritage Volunteering

IDFAS not only wishes to encourage the enjoyment of the decorative and fine arts through the lecture programmes offered by the regional DFAS societies but also to actively contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage. Our decorative and fine arts heritage is found not only in our national cultural institutions, but also in churches, libraries, clubs and private homes among other places. IDFAS envisages a number of ways in which it can assist those with the responsibility of caring for heritage collections, whether public or private, by helping with:

  • Cataloguing and photographing of collections.
  • Upgrading of storage.
  • Cleaning and minor conservation of books.
  • Conservation cleaning of decorative art collections.

IDFAS has launched a conservation project in a significant historical institution in Dublin. The first goal of the project is to identify, record, clean and store its paper archive. Volunteers are being trained in this task by a conservator. The small team of heritage volunteers contribute two hours one day per week of their time. They gain specialized knowledge and experience, a sense of camaraderie, and are making a worthwhile contribution to the preservation of our heritage. IDFAS envisages that this pilot project can eventually be replicated in other cultural heritage repositories, private or public, throughout the country.

St. Werburgh's Church, Dublin, Conservation and Recording Project

Heritage Volunteers at St. Werburgh’s Church, Dublin