Archive: The Plasterwork of the Lafranchini Brothers Lecture

Date: Wednesday 11 December 2013, 6:30 pm

Lecturer: Dr. Christine Casey

Venue: Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, Dublin 2

The plasterwork of Paolo, Filippo Lafranchini is the westernmost expression of a pan-European decorative phenomenon which exerted very considerable influence on Ireland’s native school of plasterwork.

The Lafranchini were among a group of craftsmen who travelled to Britain through Germany and the Low Countries, bringing with them the figurative and decorative conventions of the European baroque. They worked repeatedly with the German architect Richard Castle to produce richly modelled interiors.

This lecture will consider their Irish work in the context of the wider British circle of craftsmen, tracing their European origins and considering the quality of their work in Britain and Ireland.

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